ASTA Global Convention Educational Sessions

Primary Registration Fees (Required) Advance Until June 15, 2018 On/After June 16, 2018
Both ASTA & NACTA Events ASTA/NACTA Member Travel Agent $349.00 $399.00
Both ASTA & NACTA Events ASTA/NACTA Members Only $349.00 $399.00
Both ASTA & NACTA Events Non-Member Travel Agent includes 1 year NACTA Membership $489.00 $539.00
Both ASTA & NACTA Events Non-Industry Guest $399.00 $449.00
Primary Registration Fees (Required) Advance Until June 15, 2018 On/After June 16, 2018
Aug 21 - 23 (ASTA Global Convention Only) ASTA/NACTA Member Travel Agent $249.00 $299.00
Aug 21 - 23 (ASTA Global Convention Only) Non-Member Travel Agent $299.00 $349.00
Aug 21 - 23 (ASTA Global Convention Only) Non-Industry Guest $299.00 $349.00
Aug 23 - 25 (NACTA Conference Only) ASTA/NACTA Member Travel Agent $249.00 $299.00
Aug 23 - 25 (NACTA Conference Only) NACTA Member Only $249.00 $299.00
Aug 23 - 25 (NACTA Conference Only) Non-Member Travel Agent includes 1 year NACTA Membership $389.00 $439.00
Aug 23 - 25 (NACTA Conference Only) Non-Industry Guest $299.00 $349.00
Non-Exhibiting Supplier $3,200.00 $3,400.00


Preliminary educational courses we are developing for you:

Grow Your Business with Social Media - How to grow your agency business using social media including an understanding of Google analytics, Google & Facebook ads, raising your profile for greater viewership and much more…

The Top 5 Ways to Attract and Retain Great Talent - Learn the secrets of attracting, training and retaining the next generation of agents in today's competitive world

Leveraging Your Supplier Relationships - How to gain the most from your supplier relationships regardless of supplier channel

Avoid Law Suits & A Day (or More) in Court! The Legal Responsibilities of an Agent, with Peter Lobasso, General Counsel, ASTA - Join an interactive roundtable session reviewing the complexities and realities of intricate travel related legal issues

Traveler Anxiety in a World of Growing Uncertainty - Business disruptions, IRROPS, (Irregular Operations), disaster management and other emergencies - including training and response to incidents and accidents - in today's uncertain world

What's Your Travel Niche? Innovative Business Models - Travel experts share best practices as you explore your niche or niche concepts and ideas with them - a panel of experts who have achieved success from establishing their niche in travel

Advocacy Boot Camp - with Eben Peck, Senior VP, Government & Public Affairs, ASTA: From consumer disclosures, to seller of travel registration, to visas, the government has a huge impact on your business. Join ASTA's Eben Peck for this engaging “Advocacy 101” session and learn the basics of travel agent advocacy, which policymakers you need to know and why, and perhaps most importantly, what you can do to influence the process. Walk out of this session ready to become a “Citizen Lobbyist” for your industry!


Gaining Your Share from the "Sharing Economy"- with Amr Younes - VP, Revenue Optimization, Luxury Retreats - Hear what the future holds from an expert in the peer-to-peer market, Luxury Retreats. Purchased by Airbnb in mid-February of this year, Luxury Retreats has more than 4,000 homes in 100 locations worldwide and caters to the affluent crowd with upscale villas and a concierge service. How vital are travel agents to Luxury Retreats’ business model and their continued success? Will others in the peer-to-peer market follow? Participate in this conversation and learn how to introduce sharing economy options to your clients in a way that allows your business to benefit from the incremental revenue this segment can provide you. You'll also walk away with valuable trend and forecast information from a top leader in this burgeoning market.

The Agency Think Tank: An interactive roundtable session providing the opportunity for attendees to collectively share and collaborate on unique strategies and issues of benefit to all including:

  • BLeisure - Effectively selling leisure to corporate travelers
  • Agency Measures to Combat "Book Direct"
  • Increasing Consumer Awareness
  • The Value of ASTA Certification
  • Service Fees vs. commissions vs. subscription fees and other innovative agency revenue models
  • And more...

Lead Generation: Innovative Travel Experts Share their Secrets - Experts show you how to gain new business efficiently, effectively and innovatively.

Fraud Prevention: Making it Real - Learning from Each Other's Pain - Real agents and industry experts discuss what they've done to successfully prevent fraud

The Human "App" vs. the Mobile App - Can They Co-Exist? - Technology savvy and innovative agents and their clients engage with the audience to discuss how they do business differently - and effectively - using the latest in technology coupled with the human touch

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ASTA Global Convention 2016 feedback:
"If you are a serious travel professional, the ASTA Global Convention is the best non-consortia based international conference to attend. It's focus on Advocacy is so important to the travel community, I can't express enough the importance of educating Agents and suppliers what ASTA does to protect them."
"A great opportunity to network with your peers, learn the latest technology and trade ideas about best practices."
"AGC 2016 provided me with great tools for reaching my clients. I loved being surrounded by so many industry professionals. "